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“We have only to read a few pages of this book to sense the author’s respect for teachers and his desire to provide them with new ways of approaching their profession…Farrell, a former teacher of English as a second language (ESL), is now a widely read author and a respected teacher educator and professor of applied linguistics. He grounds this study in his experience in the classroom as well as on research in his areas of professional expertise.” (Ann Williams, Modern Language Journal)

Interview TEFLOLOGY: http://teflology.libsyn.com/tefl-interviews-13-thomas-farrell-on-reflective-practice-in-tesol

Ian Gordon Fellow 2016: https://brocku.ca/brock-news/2016/08/brock-professor-receives-world-renowned-fellowship/


Farrell, T.S.C. (2016). From Trainee to Teacher:
Reflective Practice for Novice Teachers. London, UK: Equinox.

Even though our knowledge on language teacher education is expanding, there are still areas that need further exploration. One such example is the territory of a novice teacher whose subtleties are gradually and consistently being “discovered” by Thomas Farrell (2003; 2006; 2008; 2009; 2012). His latest contribution, reviewed here, belongs to this category as well, in which Farrell, in ten chapters, discusses the first year of working as a language teacher e the borderline period between teacher’s pre-service education and in-service work. Presented in accessible language and dealing with “practical” issues, which is always appreciated by practising teachers, the book is definitely written for teachers and teacher educators.

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